Polymer Science is a joint Master Program of the Free University Berlin, the Humboldt University Berlin,
the Technical University Berlin and the University of Potsdam.


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Applications have to contain:

  • application form (please download*)
  • CV
  • personal statement of intent (one page)
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • verified copies of transcripts
  • verified copies of qualifying degrees
  • proof of English competency, e.g. TOEFL (PBT 510/CBT 225/iBT 90) or IELTS (6,5 Pkt.)

* The appplication form is fillable only if opened in a standalone pdf reader. It does not work in browser.

Applications have to be sent per post to:
Maria Bülth
Institut für Chemie, Stranski-Laboratorium
Technische Universität Berlin
Sekretariat TC 9, Raum 402
Straße des 17. Juni 124
10623 Berlin

Application deadlines:

  • April 30st for Winter Semesters
  • October 31th for Summer Semesters

After these deadlines, applicants may request to be considered for the waiting list or following entry semester.

Expected arrival of accepted students:

  • October 1st for Winter Semesters
  • April 1st for Summer Semesters

Fees and funding:

  • The M.Sc. in Polymer Science Program does not charge for tuition. There is a small semester fee, currently around 300 €, for enrollment and public transportation.
  • For visas and resident permits, accepted students must have at least 600 to 700 € per month at their disposal for living costs.

The M.Sc. in Polymer Science Program does not have scholarships or grants.

1st year courses

Winter Semester Courses

Course title Uni Type SWS Examination Workload CP
Introduction to Macromolecular Chemistry FU V, Ü 40+20 written exam 150 5
Advanced Macromolecular Chemistry FU V, S 40+20 written exam 150 5
Polymer Synthesis and Characterization Laboratory FU S, P 1+3 written exam 150 5
Polymer Characterization HU V, Ü, S, P 2+1+1+45 written exam 300 10
Introduction to Polymer Theory HU V, Ü 2+1 written exam 150 5

Summer Semester Courses

Course title Uni Type SWS Examination Workload CP
Polymerization Technology TU V, Ü, P 4+1+45 written exam 270 9
Polymer Processing and Surface Science of Polymers TU V, Ü, P 3+1+1 written exam 180 6
Functional Polymers and Colloids UP V, Ü, P 3+1 written exam 150 5
Physical and Technical Application of Polymers UP P, S 3+2 practical exam 150 5
Colloids and Biopolymers UP V, S, P 1+1+3 practical exam 150 5

FU - Freie Universität Berlin, HU - Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, TU - Technische Universität Berlin, UP - Universität Potsdam
V - Lecture, Ü - Tutorial, P - Practicum/Lab, S - Seminary
SS or SoSe - Sommer Semester, WS or WiSe - Winter Semester, SWS - Hours per Week in Semester, CP - Credit Points

2nd year courses

Courses recommended for the 2nd year of M.Sc. in Polymer Science program curriculum.

Year: 2014 / 2015

Number: number as given in the official lecture schedule
Type: V = lecture, Ü = tutorial, S = seminar, P = lab
SWS: weekly hours (Semester Wochen-Stunden)
Sem.: semester term, WS = winter term, SS = summer term; (?) no information available at the date of last update
Workload: expected total workload of studying time, in terms of hours unless otherwise noted
CP: credit points.

FU: Free University

Title Type SWS Sem. Examination Workload CP
Physical Chemistry of Nanostructured Systems V 2 SS Oral exam 90 (30+60) 3
Physical Chemistry of Polymers II V 4 ?? Written exam 150 (60+90) 5
Polymeric and macromolecular therapeutic and diagnostic agents V, Ü 2 + 2 WS Oral exam 90 (30+60) 5
Polymeric and inorganic bio(nano)materials for biomedical applications V, Ü 2 + 2 SS Oral exam 90 (30+60) 5
Introduction to Nanotechnology V 2 ?? Written exam 90 (30+60) 3

HU: Humboldt University

Title Type SWS Sem. Examination Workload CP
Physics of Polyelectrolytes V 2 WS Presentation 90 (30+60) 3
Photobiophysics V,Ü 2+2 WS Oral exam 150 (60+90) 5
Theory of Charge- and Energy Transfer in Molecular Nanostructures
(Theorie von Transferphänomenen in molekularen Nanostrukturen)
V,S 2+1 WS Oral exam 150 (45+105) 5

TU: Technical University

Title Type SWS Sem. Examination Workload CP
Kunststoffverarbeitung I V,Ü 2+4 WS Oral exam 210 (90+120) 7
Kunststoffverarbeitung II V,P 2+4 SS Oral exam 210 (90+120) 7
Self-aggregations and Supramolecular Chemistry – Principles and Applications V,S 2+1 SS Oral exam/
120 (45+ 75) 3+1
Current topics in Colloid and Interface Science V,S 2+1 WS Oral exam/
120 (45+ 75) 3+1
Methods for the Characterisation of Nanostructured Materials V,S 2+1 SS/WS Oral exam/
120 (45+ 75) 3+1
Thermische Untersuchungen an Polymeren V 2 WS oral 90 (30+60) 3
Polymerization Models for Simulation S 8 WS/SS Presentation 240 (30+210) 3

UP: University of Potsdam

Title Type SWS Sem. Examination Workload CP
Supramolecular Chemistry of Materials V 2 SS Oral exam 90 (30+60) 3
Functional Polymers V 2 WS Oral exam 90 (30+60) 3
Research Seminar on Colloidal- and Polymerchemistry S 2 SS/WS Presentation 90 (30+60) 3
Physics of organic semiconductors V,Ü 3 SS Written Exam 120 (40 + 80) 4
Transducer Properties of Functional soft matter V 2 WS Written exam 90 (30 + 60) 3
Advanced Microscopy V, Ü 3 SS Written exam 120 (40 + 80) 4
Modern Aspects in Colloid science V 2 WS Oral exam 90 (30+60) 3
Protecting group strategies in organic and polymer synthesis V 2 WS Oral exam 90 (30 + 60) 3
Physics of Solar Cells V, Ü 3 WS Written/Oral exam 120 (40 + 80) 4
Biorefinery to Green Polymers V 2 WS Oral exam 90 (30 + 60) 3


Academic calendar SS 2017:

  • Lecture period: April the 18th, 2017 - July the 28th, 2017
  • Semester break: July the 29th, 2017 - October the 15th, 2017
  • 1st quarter (TU): April the 19th, 2017 - June the 2nd, 2017
  • 2nd quarter (HU): June the 6th, 2017 - July the 28th, 2017

Course Tables for Polymer Science Master Program (link or pdf download):


Course and Examination Regulations, as of Oct. 2014 (PDF, german)

Older Course and Examination Regulations can be found here.

Admission regulations (PDF, german)


Free University Berlin

Basic lab manual: Polymer Synthesis and Characterization (PDF)

Humboldt University Berlin

The most recently updated version of the manuals for the Lab course "Polymer Characterization and Polymers at Surfaces and Interfaces Laboratory" are found on the Moodle page:

Please register to the Moodle course, the password will be given at beginning of semester

Technical University Berlin

Manuals for Polymerization Technology - Laboratory (PS301-P):

University Potsdam

Manuals for Electrical and Optical Properties (PS401-P):


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